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10/13/2019    "Being Faithful to the Faithful One" 

7-21-19 based on Colossians 1: 21-29 / Colossians 3: 5-10 

11/17/2019  "Destruction Foretold"

4- 28-19 "Blessed Are Those Who Believe" 


"In a Little While" 

Sermon 10/27/2019

6-30-2019 "Keeping In Step With Jesus" 


9/29/2019 "Speaking with Jesus"

9/14/2019 "Even Sinners Are Welcomed To The Party" 

12/18/2019.      "Advent 3, Joy in Christ"

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12/24/2019   "The Images of Christmas"

6-16-2019  "What's The Deal With The Trinity, Anyways?" 

12/8/2019 "Preparing the Way for Jesus 

9/8/2019 " "The Impossible Made Possible Through Jesus Christ" 

12/14/2019 "Give Us Patience!"

11/23/2019 “How Thankful Are We... Really?

8/23/2019 "The Narrow Door To Everlasting Life"

 6-2-2019 "The Unity Of Christ" 


"Mission Impossible: The Return to Jerusalem" 

9/1/2019 "Loving Each Other in Spite Of The World."

 10/6/2019 "Don't Be The Cause Of Your Brothers Sin"

11/10/2019  "Being a True Soldier for Christ" 

12/11/2019 "Advent 2, Preparing for Christ"

8-11-2019  "Do not be ready" 

 7-14-2019 "Taking Care of Our Neighbors"

9/22/2019 "Dishonest in Little, Faithful in Much"

12/4/2019.   "Advent 1, Hope in Christ" 

11/3/2019  "Becoming Saints by His Service"

11/30/2019 "The Past, Future, and Present of Advent"

5-12-19 "The Anxiousness Of Life" 

 6-9-2019  "The Helper Will Teach All Things" 

7-28-2019 "Talking With Our Father in Prayer" 

10/20/2019 "Living the Words of Jesus"

5-5-19 "Jesus' Band of Screw-Up's" 


"Sell Out or Sold Out" 

7-7-2019 "Bearing Our Neighbors Burdens" 

8-4-2019  "Seeking The Things Above"