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St. Paul's Lutheran Church (LCMS)  |  37707 New Market Turner Road; Mechanicsville, MD

Church: 301.884.5184  |  Fax: 301.884.2063

As we contemplate the prayerful
needs of others, consider James 5: 15-16

Members Concerns:Brenda Bowling, John Bowling, Chicchina Bailey, Gene Bostwick, Pat Guy, Mary Guy, Jacob Gray, Jill Hayden, Diane Hiller, Mark & Kathy Lewis, Rayne Lindauer, Joanne Pipho, Tracie Pomrenke, Lucy Price, Vicki Rappa, Dale Bittner, Michael Pipho, Nettie Trimbath, Thomas Trimbath, Tom Villella, Wiggen family, all those who have lost loved ones.

Family & Friends of Congregation:
Jennifer Adam, Kim Branan, The Shaffer Family, Ruth Lewis Bright, Dennis Bushrod, Barbara Cole, Susan Cole, Rick Deao, Jacob DeFelica, Edward DeMarr, Keith DeMarr, Eric Downs, Gail Ewell, Chad Gagnon, Brenda Garrett, Thelma Hagger, Sonny Hill, Libby Huntt, Makeda Lee, Danielle Lilley (Sandy Frerich's granddaughter) Darlene & Ken Mowak, Nonny Nelson, Olivia Pierce, Patricia Potts, Sheryl Ramsey, Santiomma Family, Andy & Jean Sedlock, Paul Sedlock, Helena Stover (Paul Mehrkam’s mother), Alma Stowers, Doug Stump, Jimmie Swain, Robin Thomas, Jim Vance, Susan Watts, Deanothy Young.

Please notify the church office of any additions or deletions to the prayer list. Email the office at or call 301-884-5184.

Remember in Your Prayers