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St. Paul's Lutheran Church (LCMS)  |  37707 New Market Turner Road; Mechanicsville, MD

Church: 301.884.5184  |  Fax: 301.884.2063

Building Program

Mission Building Update:         

Dear Lord, Thank you for answering our prayers.  Continue to guide us in building your mission to outreach everyone in southern Maryland.  Amen.          

Status of Current Projects:

Site Sign:

The site message sign was destroyed by someone in mid-March 2021. The replacement sign was installed on May 13, 2021.

Playground Mulch:

The playground mulch was delivered on May 18, 2021. The workday was Saturday May 22 to relocate the mulch from the parking lot to the playground. There was a great turnout and all the mulch was moved and the playground was ready for the Sunday School closing and picnic on Sunday May 23rd.

I would like to thank everyone for the contributing funds for the purchase of the playground mulch. A BIG thank you for everyone who came to the work day and helped moved the mulch. It was greatly appreciated.

Paul Pipho has gone above and beyond in supporting this entire effort including locating the mulch and getting it delivered. Thank you Paul for all you do for the church.

Heating and Air Conditioning:

The heat pump/air conditioner for the sanctuary was not working when we tried to start it up this year. I had a service mechanic come on May 21 and he resolved the problem. The heating system has been turned off for the season and the air conditioning system is now in working order.  

Kneelers and Pew Cushions:

The kneelers and pew cushions were ordered several weeks ago. The fabric that matches the chairs and altar carpet in the sanctuary has been obtained. Additionally, the foam rubber for the kneelers has also been obtained. At this time, all materials have been secured. The date for delivery of the kneelers and pew cushions is currently scheduled for the end of May.

Special Thanks:

I would also like to recognize the Wiggen's family for their support in maintaining the church grounds; especially cutting the grass. This is huge task.

Future Projects:

Replace the floor in the main hallway/narthex for the church. Estimated cost $2,500.
Replace the floor in the kitchen. Estimated cost $1,500.
Replace the exterior and framing from the Pastor's office to the outside. Approximate cost $1,000.
Long term project will be to repair and replace the deteriorating asphalt in the parking lot and entrance drives, including repainting the striping for the parking spaces. I have not received a quote for this yet, but it will cost approximately $15,000 to $20,000.

Be sure to check out the construction pictures to see how the project grows over time.