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St. Paul's Lutheran Church (LCMS)  |  37707 New Market Turner Road; Mechanicsville, MD

Church: 301.884.5184  |  Fax: 301.884.2063‚Äč

Floor Layout
Propose Location of Modular Buildings

Building Program

Mission Building Update                       (as of Oct 2016)

     The educational buildings have been completed.   

Be sure to check out the construction pictures to see how the project grow over time.

Dear Lord, Thank you for answering our prayers.  Continue to guide us in building your mission to outreach everyone in southern Maryland.  Amen.

Description of Modular Buildings
     The plan is two modular buildings situated side by side over the chapel location as shown in the left figure below.  This configuration is the most optimal foot print, because the buildings will, for the most part, remain inside the driveway circle that goes around the chapel.  In additional, building over the chapel foundation allows us to use the existing utility services for water, septic, and electrical. 

     Building 1 has an open meeting room of 27 x 24 feet.  A smaller classroom and restroom will have interior walls.  The large room has a small kitchenette for social gatherings.

     Building 2 has interior walls for a hallway, three classrooms, and a restroom.  There is also an additional wash up sink outside of the restroom.